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Oak Bark Products


We are now using oak bark hides for our glasses cases with nose support£68 and Belts 3cm £94 3.8cm £98 Coming Soon Please enquire by email.

Our supplier, J&FJ Baker, runs Britain's only remaining traditional oak bark tannery, on a Devonshire site that has been a tannery since Roman times. Oak bark tannage is a long, gentle process that protects the natural fibres of the hide, drawing out the unique qualities in its surface. J&FJ Baker treat only the best local hides, in a sustainable process using natural products. It takes 14 months to produce each piece of leather, each of which is hand finished with a special blend of natural oils and greases to emphasise the grain and colour of the hide. This leather is not just a pleasure to use, with a beauty to behold, but it also stands the test of time.

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